The photo below is the main ballroom, the heart of the event center.  Escentially, it can be used as one grand ballroom (~14,000 ft2) holding ~360 to 400 people or it can be divided into 3 separate ballrooms.  Each ballroom has its own audio/video/wifi equipment and sliding sound-proofing doors that can allow totally separate events to take place at the same time .

Palacio Maria - Viewing all 3 Ballrooms 

Decor: will be “elegant” fitting for weddings, graduations and other special formal events.
Portable bars will be available & outside catering will be permitted.
Surrounding the center will be extensive landscaping, a gazebo,fountains, trees and flowers!


On the On the west side of Palacio Maria, we have a beautiful patio that will comfortably sit 120 people.  Music will piped in for your enjoyment.  Plenty of room for live bands to place their equipment and play too.  We have named this area “Patio de Lynn” after a dear friend that has assisted us for many years