Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We realize that a website can never provide all of the clients questions.  Below you will find questions that seem to be on our clients minds.  Should you have more, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Below are some the questions we are often asked.

Do you require that we use vendors from an approved list or can we bring our own?
We have requirements for catering, bartenders, rentals, and lighting companies. We do not require use of a particular vendor for wedding coordinators, cake bakers, photographers, and florists so those may be chosen on your own.  We recommend EnThused Designs for your photography and videography needs. 

Does Palacio Maria allow on-site catering from other food vendors?

Yes, with our pre-approval. 

Can we use sparklers for our departure?
Fireworks are not permitted with the exception of sparklers which can ONLY be used with our pre-approval.  Weather conditions and respect for our residential neighbors will impact our decision on this matter.  

Can our Band/DJ play music outside?
Outdoor acoustic music may be allowed.  Amplified music is permitted inside the Ballrooms and on Patio de Lynn with prior arrangement. 

What are the rules regarding decorations?
You can bring in your own decor, but it can only be installed in a way that will not damage our facility — no staples, tacks, tape, glue guns or nails can be used. 

What are we responsible for regarding clean-up at the end of our event?
If we provide the food and alcohol, we will do the clean-up for you.   If you use outside vendors, the caterers and bartenders are responsible for bussing tables, removing trash, cleaning up spills on the floor and the kitchen (if used).  Your  vendors must deposit all trash in our on-site dumpster.

What hours is Palacio Maria  available?
Evening events include a 9 hour use of all or part of Palacio Maria starting at 3pm and ending by 12 am (midnight) at which time the facility must be vacated.  Luncheon and other mid-day events can also be arranged. 

Does the 9-hour block of time include set-up and clean-up?
Yes it does. If you need additional time for clean-up or extra time for your band to break down after the wedding you can purchase one hour increments at $400 per hour. 

Where are accommodations near Palacio Maria?
The following link provides you with many nearby hotels in the Katy area: HOTELS NEARBY.

I’m a Wedding/ Quinceañera industry vendor, how do I get on your preferred vendor list?
It is common for our clients to ask for suggestions for wedding professionals. Please submit your information with a list of reviews and referrals. We would be happy to recommend your services if your company is a good fit for our guests.